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product arrow MX 300

Price Rp 4.300.000

Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor with USB "Hardware Plug-In" Capability

All parameters of every reverb, delay and dynamic effect in this powerhouse processor are available inside any PC VST® or Macintosh® AU compatible DAW program.

Just link your computer to the MX300 with a USB cable and control automation and recall parameters exactly as you would with any software plug-in.

You get the sonic benefits only Lexicon hardware can provide… without bogging down your computer’s CPU with the extreme demands of reverb plug-ins.

Along with our unique “hardware plug-ins” for PC and Mac®, we’ve also included MX-Edit™ Librarian software so you can store and recall custom programs or pull up an unlimited number of Lexicon settings.

We urge you to do a serious side-by-side listening test of of the MX300 versus comparably-priced competition and units costing far more.

You’ll hear why Lexicon is the leader in reverberation effects.